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Contained in this page is the basic information for ordering a collar and the steps to do so. Please read the entire page; TL Collars is not responsible for size/customization errors made by the customer.


Measure twice, order once.

Please measure correctly and according to these instructions, I will not remake collars due to wrong measurements given. Follow the diagram to correctly measure the size you should order. 

Collar Tails

My normal collar tail consists of 5 holes spaced 1/2” apart and I put your dog's neck size on the middle hole. That gives you two holes smaller and two holes larger. If you need something different like an extra hole, just put that in your order notes and I’m happy to oblige!

Collar Measurement (Neck Size)


Instructions on Customization

While ordering a collar, you are going to want to choose the crystals, hardware, and leather you would like your design to feature. These options are presented to you in the infographics below the product page. Please, choose crystals that fit the size of your collar. For example, if my collar featured a row of ss40 crystals, I could choose Tanzanite crystals, but not Smoked Topaz.

Options Images

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